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I have very low reading comprehension— what is this site about?
Oh, well this might not do you any good, but this is a web site about an independent comic book series called KILLDEAD. You’re already this far, so like, poke around, download an issue or two for free and check it out.

You made this?
Yeah, sorry.

Who are you, again?
I’m Chase. It’s not really important. If you really have nothing else to do then maybe check out my website or my personal tumblr.

Do you listen to [band]?
Maybe. Shoot me a link if you have a song or album you think I’d like.

This is like Scott Pilgrim meets Metalocalypse.
That’s not a question, but yeah, kinda? There are actually a lot more influences on it. Let’s discuss it at a con someday or something.

It’s a comic? Like a webcomic?
Yes and no. It’s a series of independently produced and published comic books. It is produced by the issue and released online as a webcomic after the initial publication. So if you dig the comic you can order a print copy or digital copy and read ahead of the published webcomic format. That’s kinda cool, right?

Did anyone actually ask you these questions?

Shouldn’t you be like, drawing the comic instead of asking and answering your own questions?
Shit! You’re right.